I spend a lot of time with brides (and grooms!) discussing their design. They can spend days, hours, weeks just looking at images on pinterest, combing various stationers’ websites and combing through invitation books trying to find the right balance of wanting something “exactly like” yet also “completely unlike” a specific invitation suite.

Let me tell you, the quest for perfection can be time consuming (and exhausting!). And oftentimes, what makes sense for someone else’s wedding won’t make sense for yours.

Your wedding is unique, and trying to make pre-made designs fit into the aesthetics of your wedding can be tough. If you want to find something that already exists, here are some helpful tips to narrow down your search:

1)       Look for special elements. Whether it be a flower you absolutely need in your bouquet or a theme that you are building your wedding around, search for designs that point to these elements.

2)      Be open. Looking for specific colors may not help you find the exact invitation you are looking for. You may be looking for burgundy bows, but find the perfect invitation in a complementary color. Or if you work with the right stationer, you can make the lavender bows in the current invitation the perfect shade of burgundy. And adjust all the other accent colors to match! Just remember, as much as you agonize about the colors, no one is going to hold your invitation up to your bridesmaids’ dresses to be sure they match!

3)     Think outside the box. If traditional designs are your cup of tea, fabulous! But if you like a touch of whimsy or have a personality all your own then dare to be different. You will not only give your guests a glimpse of what to expect at your wedding, but will also show a little personality in the process.

4)    Have FUN! The wedding planning process should be fun. Think of the search for the perfect wedding stationery as something to look forward to, a chance to really put effort into something that will be in your guests’ hands for a good long while. And if all else fails:

5)    Contact a designer. Yes, I am a designer, so I will always tell those looking for advice to just go all in and work with a designer. But really, if you are finding you are spending a ton of time and not finding what you really want, it will be worth it to invest in a designer that can help you make all the choices (paper, design, styling, and on and on) that will create the perfect suite, get your guests EXCITED for the wedding, and complete the design of your wedding. If you are ready to see what it is like to work with a designer, please contact me.


I hope these tips help you pick the perfect design for your wedding stationery. It is such an important piece of the process – but it is just the beginning! I will be sharing more in the coming blog posts! If you like, you can also download my free guide – Anatomy of the Perfect Wedding Invitation for great information on how all the pieces of invitation design come together.