At B. Designs Paper, we try to help you understand all that goes into the Perfect Invitation Suite.  We have talked about the overall design, why it is important to firm up the details of your wedding before working on your invitation, and what is included in the main invitation. Now we can talk about the second most important piece of the invitation – the Response (or RSVP) card. This is important so that you (or whomever is managing the wedding planning process) can actually find out who is coming to the party and if you are having a seated meal, what they want to eat.  

A Response Card is an amazing tool to get so much information from your guests. In terms of your meals, you can get your caterer a count of the number of people of attending will be, what their food choices are, and what allergies they may have. There are 3 kinds of Response Card requests — basic head count per meal selection– headcount of adults and kids per meal selection and an initialed or named count because the meals will be served to each person at the table and the place card will have their name and meal selection.

And let’s take a moment to talk about something that is important for the response card – you NEED to this discuss with your caterer before you create your response card. Major tip – have that all important meal tasting appointment before you begin to work on your invitation suite, so you can ask if you guests want prime rib or salmon with leeks rather than beef or fish.

Another way to utilize the Response Card is to get information from your guests – you can ask for dance requests to help make up that elusive DJ list or song list for the band. Also, I have seen people ask for love songs and during the reception will highlight that couple on that song to get people dancing. If you would like, you can create an extra heirloom out of the Response Cards by making space for notes to the bride and groom. What an amazing memento from your special day!

Since these cards are so important, there is one thing I should recommend – stay away from postcard RSVP’s. They have such a high rate of getting lost and you only save around $20 per 100 suites in postage by using the postcard method. It is much more important to actually get your responses than to save a few dollars!

So as you can see, Response Cards are an integral part of communication with your guests, especially for information gathering. If you feel like you could use some help coming up with elegant response cards that also do the heavy lifting with guests, let’s talk. You can reply to this email or {contact me} to see how working with a designer can make creating the perfect stationery a dream come true.

But what about paperless RSVPs? That is a good question, if you are going the paperless RSVP direction, you still need an RSVP, just not the envelope. You will need to tell your guests where to rsvp, when and any meal choices, so they can get all the info together before they contact you.

If you would like to chat about your wedding invitations and how you can get the most out of them, we would love to chat! Be sure to contact us with any questions.

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